GG Log: Fuck being comfortable

Change is hard. I've been training jiu jitsu consistently since 21 January 2017, I've dropped into many gyms that weren't my own for open mats, seminars and competitions and I've flown to the other-side of the world for a week-long camp where I knew no one. I've left my first home gym for another and… Continue reading GG Log: Fuck being comfortable

Grassroots Grappler Unplugged: Jeffrey Musundire On this episode of Grassroots Grappler Unplugged, Gracie Barra ambassador Jeffrey Musundire dropped in for a chat after recently winning double gold at the Queensland State Championship. Jeffrey talks about his early exposure to McDojos, what it means to be a sponsored athlete with the biggest jiu jitsu team in the world and his competition mentality.… Continue reading Grassroots Grappler Unplugged: Jeffrey Musundire